Blue Sky

Alana Albertson
Alana Albertson brings you an emotional love story between a widowed Blue Angel pilot and the one woman who is forbidden to him-his baby's nanny.

Don't sleep with the nanny.

The one rule I swore to myself that I would obey. And as a U.S. Naval Officer and Blue Angel pilot, I always play by the rules. Hell, I make the rules.

Until I meet Paloma.

Despite my convictions, I can't ignore how she makes me feel alive again after I was certain that my heart was closed to love forever.

We have nothing in common besides our love for my daughter.

I'm rich; she's poor.

I'm experienced; she's a virgin.

I'm her boss; she's my employee.

I'm dead inside; she's full of life.

Paloma is so much more than the nanny. With doe eyes that penetrate my soul, plump lips that beg me to kiss them, and an incredible body that awakens a hunger that I thought was dead inside me, I am no longer able to fight my desire for her.

So I let lust control my actions and kiss her like it's the last night of the world.

Which it is because our kiss has changed my life forever.

And I'm not willing to live in this world without her.