Wild Cards and Iron Horses

During the recent Civil War, a soldier risked his life to save Jonathan Handleston—and lost. With the help of an advanced metal brace on his crippled hand, Jon now travels from one poker tournament to the next, determined to earn enough money to repay the man’s debt.

Prosperity Ridge is supposed to be the last stop on his quest, but his brace is broken and he needs an engineer to repair the delicate mechanisms. The only one available is Samantha Weatherly, a beautiful anomaly in a world ruled by men.

Sam is no fool. Jon is no different from any other gambler—except for his amazing prosthetic. Despite a demanding project to win a critical contract to develop an iron horse, she succumbs to the lure of working on the delicate mechanisms. And working with the handsome Englishman.

Like a spring being coiled, Samantha and Jon are inexorably drawn together. Sam begins to realize honor wears many faces, and she becomes the light at the end of Jon’s journey to redemption. The only monkey wrench is Victor, a rival gambler who will stop at nothing to make sure Jon misses the tournament.

And on the frontier, nothing covers a variety of sins...

Photo by Noel Nichols on Unsplash


"The world building is fantastic and the atmosphere is great. The dust, the machines - all of these and more come together to create a vibrant and exciting setting." - Mrs Giggles

"Wild Cards and Iron Horses is a charming and sweet Steampunk western with well drawn out and enjoyable quirky characters within a vivid setting. I highly recommend it to those who have never tried Steampunk before because it's a great introduction to the subgenre with the added elements of a sweet and subtle romance." - BookPushers