Strictly Yours

To Protect and Serve-in every possible way.

Jennifer, a Domme-for-hire, has a favorite client-Nathan, a sexy, tough, yet kind beat cop with a desire to be dominated on his days off.

Though she is responsible for creating a haven for his fantasies, it's he who makes her feel safe. Yet when she learns a violent piece of her past has been let out on parole, she hesitates to bring Nathan anywhere near her complicated world.

Nathan doesn't know anything about Danielle, not even her real name. But when she reluctantly asks for his help, he's determined to move heaven and earth for her safety. Because he's a cop, a man, and her submissive in that order.

When danger hits too close to home, Nathan's race to save her and the rest of her subs pushes him to the edge of his skills, and his feelings for his Domme. Because he's no longer willing to settle for being just her client. He wants her for his full-time lover -- if they live long enough.


The Jeep Diva:

"Both are strong characters. Jen lets her guard down and that draws Nathan in even more. I loved how she allowed him in. I was fascinated by the scenes that were painted-especially the faux club scene. She wrote it with such vividness! I felt as if I was watching it there!"

Wicked Reads:

"The dynamics between these two when in a scene, and then their ordinary (separate) lives contrasts so strongly that it heights the senses. Clearly, they have a bond even when in role, but as things get scary for Jen, Nathan is a strong person to provide support, and care. The role changes work well, and possibly emphasize the importance of D/s and its interaction with the every day. I loved Nathan's conviction, and his stability - just what was needed as things got more dangerous. As they get closer, and danger nears, the additional impact of her having to look after the other men that she provided a Domme service to, was well played out."